Dates: late 1989
Players: Flea, Chad Smith, John Frusciante, Anthony Kiedis.
Additional Performers: Billy Preston (keys)
Recorded at: Unknown
Produced by: Red Hot Chili Peppers & Norwood Fisher
Engineered by: Chris Minto
Mixed by: Ron St. Germain
Edited ("Tweaked") by: Rob Gordon & John Frusciante
Released on: February 14, 1990
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  • Show Me Your Soul


The band recorded this track in late 1989 during a break in touring. It was released on the Pretty Woman soundtrack and as a stand-alone single, though it was never played live. It was also paired with various releases of Taste the Pain and Knock Me Down.

It's unknown where exactly this was recorded, or if the band recorded anything else at the session. Billy Preston plays keys; he would go on to play on Warlocks fifteen years later.

The liner notes for the promo release state that it was "tweaked" by John and Rob Gordon, who was their A&R manager. I'm guessing this means editing, but who knows. 

Fun fact: the “12” Vocal Mix” of “Higher Ground”, heard on Out In L.A. and a few other promo singles, contains an extended (and possibly) ad-libbed rap by Anthony. One of the lines is “Show Me Your Soul”… perhaps the genesis of this track.