Dates: Between March 16th and December 2005
Players: Flea, John Frusciante, Chad Smith, Anthony Kiedis.
Additional Performers: Michael Bolger (trombone), Lenny Castro (percussion), Paulinho da Costa (percussion), Richard Dodd (cello), Emily Kokal (backing vocals), Billy Preston (clavinet), Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (guitar), Brad Warnaar (french horn)
Recorded at: The Mansion, 2451 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, The Center for the Cultivation of the Invisible, which I believe is John's home on Mulholland Drive, and Little Kicker Sound, Flea's personal studio in (I think) Malibu.
Produced by: Rick Rubin
Engineered by: Ryan Hewitt, Andrew Scheps, Dana Nielsen
Mixed by: Ryan Hewitt and Andrew Scheps
Released on: May 9, 2006
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  • Dani California

  • Snow (Hey Oh)

  • Charlie

  • Stadium Arcadium

  • Hump De Bump

  • She's Only 18

  • Slow Cheetah

  • Torture Me

  • Strip My Mind

  • Especially In Michigan

  • Warlocks

  • C'mon Girl

  • Wet Sand

  • Hey

  • Desecration Smile

  • Tell Me Baby

  • Hard To Concentrate

  • 21st Century

  • She Looks To Me

  • Readymade

  • If

  • Make You Feel Better

  • Animal Bar

  • So Much I

  • Storm In A Teacup

  • We Believe

  • Turn It Again

  • Death Of A Martian
    released on the album "Stadium Arcadium"

  • Million Miles of Water

  • Lately

  • Whatever We Want
    released on the "Dani California" single

  • A Certain Someone

  • Mercy Mercy
    released on the "Tell Me Baby" single

  • Funny Face

  • I'll Be Your Domino
    released on the "Snow (Hey Oh)" single

  • Joe

  • Save This Lady
    released on both the "Desecration Smile" and "Hump De Bump" singles.

It was reported in several articles leading up to the release of the album that 38 songs were recorded during these sessions. To date "only" 37 have surfaced. But, those two interviews could have been given at the same time, and if they mistakenly said 38 once, they could have said it twice, and three times, and so on, all on the same date. To this date there is no confirmation of that missing 38th song actually existing.

The guitar solo in Hey was from a different take, and was spliced in during mixing.

Anthony says that John insisted on the album being a double in a ten-page letter (though that might be sarcasm or exaggeration).

The basic instrumental track for Death of a Martian was recorded at rehearsals, so its possible that more songs from the album were tracked there as well; according to this article, demos were recorded. And, much like during the recording of Blood Sugar Sex Magik, some members of the band slept at the studio while they recorded.

Contrary to rumours that keep popping up again and again, there was no b-side disc officially released by the band called Venus. The information posted here is completely untrue.


The far superior sounding vinyl version contains an alternate guitar solo on Especially in Michigan. Also released was an promotional instrumental version of the album, mostly given to radio and TV stations for on-air play.

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Early Eighties = Strip My Mind
Fela Funk = We Believe
Forty Detectives = Hump De Bump
Funkadelicish to Me =
She's Only 18
Ghost Dance 2000 =
Hump De Bump
Light and Jazzy =
Only 18 =
She's Only 18
Public Enemy =
Storm In A Teacup
She Comes to Me =
She Looks to Me (probably)
Talking Heads =
Turn It Again
Wu Tang =
Dani California