Dates: 2014
Players: Flea, Josh Klinghoffer, Chad Smith, Anthony Kiedis
Recorded at: The Boat, 3655 Tracy Street, Los Angeles, CA., Anthony's vocals recorded at an LA hotel.
Produced by: Self-produced
Engineered by: ?
Mixed by: ?
Released on: Unreleased


  • The Longest Wave

  • Goodbye Angels

  • Go Robot

  • Detroit

  • This Ticonderoga

  • Encore

  • Outer Space

  • Drastic

  • (possibly) Dreams of a Samurai
    plus many more


The band recorded what they referred to as "fancy demos" in late 2014 at a rented house in Malibu, and at The Boat studio in Silverlake, which Flea owned at the time. After (or perhaps during) these sessions, Flea broke his arm snowboarding, and in the ensuing six month downtime, the band decided to change up their recording method, moving across town to the Sound Factory and recording several new songs completely in-studio with Brian "Danger Mouse" Burton.

These initial 2014 recordings have not been released, and have only been heard in small snippets from Flea's Instagram account, including an earlier version of Detroit. Anthony was also seen listening to that track in this paparazzi video.

According to Josh, Anthony recorded vocals for about 18 of the songs they recorded. The songs listed above were provided by Josh with the exception of Dreams of a Samurai, but seeing as Flea teased its bass line back in 2012, there's a good chance that a demo of it (if only an early version) was recorded as well. Drastic was mentioned by Anthony in a 2018 interview.

Some of these songs made the transition to The Getaway, with Danger Mouse producing, but those recordings were completely re-done, so this is a completely different batch of recordings.

Chad has stated that they wrote "25 to 30" songs, Josh implied there were around 30; how many were actually recorded is unknown. Many remain instrumental and unfinished.