Dates: Between March and April to December, 1997
Players: Flea, Dave Navarro, Chad Smith, Anthony Kiedis
Additional Performers: Unknown
Recorded at: Unknown
Produced by: Rick Rubin
Engineered by: Unknown
Mixed by: Unknown
Released on: Unreleased; one track leaked online in 2016


  • Circle of the Noose
    Plus unknown others


Between mid 1997 to late 1997, after the One Hot Minute tour limped to an end, the band came together to write a new album with production by Rick Rubin. It's unclear how far these sessions went, and nothing has appeared music-wise apart from Circle of the Noose.

These sessions were very fractured, and due to Dave and Anthony's relapses, Flea's personal problems and Dave's subsequent leaving of the band, all material from the sessions has remained unreleased officially.

Circle of the Noose leaked in early 2016. The song is a tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; he died right around the time this was being recorded. As for the other songs, it's unclear how many were recorded. Flea has said a couple, Dave implies more than one, this article mentions they had over twenty, with one (probably Circle Of The Noose) already completed. It has been said that a looping section of opening guitar line that appeared on the bands website back in 1997 and 1998 was from Circle of the Noose, but that remains unconfirmed.

It remained unheard outside of collector's circles until early 2016.