Dates: Between June 1994 - February 1995
Players: Flea, Dave Navarro, Chad Smith, Anthony Kiedis
Additional Performers: Keith Barry (violin), Jimmy Boyle (backing vocals), Lenny Castro (percussion), Aimee Echo (backing vocals), Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa (backing vocals), John Lurie (harmonica), Stephen Perkins (percussion), Kristen Vigard (backing vocals)
Recorded at: The Sound Factory, 6650 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA and Grandmaster Recorders, 1520 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Produced by: Rick Rubin
Engineered by: Dave Sardy, Dave Schiffman
Mixed by: Dave Sardy
Digital Editing: Don C. Tyler
Released on: September 12, 1995
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  • Warped

  • Aeroplane

  • Deep Kick

  • My Friends

  • Coffee Shop

  • Pea

  • One Big Mob/Stretch

  • Walkabout

  • Tearjerker

  • One Hot Minute

  • Falling Into Grace

  • Shallow Be Thy Game

  • Transcending
    released on the album "One Hot Minute"

  • Melancholy Mechanics
    released on the "Warped" single

  • Let's Make Evil
    released on the "My Friends" single

  • Stretch [You Out] (originally combined with One Big Mob)
    released on the My Friends single and on digital music retailers in 2006. The 2006 version has the ending of One Big Mob attached to the beginning as was originally intended. Was due to be on the album but was pulled at the last minute. Here's a fan edit of what the two songs sound like in their original, connected form - thanks to our old pal Red.Asterisk for that.

  • Bob
    released as a bonus track on digital music retailers in 2006

  • The Junkie Song
    unreleased. Said to be heavy on percussion, or perhaps ALL percussion, featuring Stephen Perkins.

  • Blender
    unreleased. Appears to be a short, chaotic song. Was due to be on the album but was pulled at the last minute.

  • The Intimidator

  • Slow Funk
    Mentioned by Chad as just bass and drums, left unfinished. These may have been working titles, however, as Chad's language is a little vague in this interview. Flea says it was inspired by Miles Davis here.

  • I Found Out
    John Lennon cover for the “Working Class Hero” compilation, which was released in October of 1995. It was produced by Rick Rubin, and recorded in a “Studio On Wheels” mobile recording truck. Not exactly recorded during the sessions, but close enough.


  • Warped - Unsequenced/Unmastered tape
    Song comes to natural ending - same version as the 'alternate mix' leak.

  • One Hot Minute - Unsequenced/Unmastered tape
    Extended second verse, longer feedback at end

  • Deep Kick - Unsequenced/Unmastered tape
    Instead of fading out, goes into jamming before reaching the quiet ending

  • Coffee Shop - Unsequenced/Unmastered tape
    Studio chatter at end of song ("What happened?"), extra riff before going into the second bass solo

  • Pea - Unsequenced/Unmastered tape
    Studio chatter at end of song

  • Walkabout - Unsequenced/Unmastered tape
    Extra intro music, extra vocal line before “a walk could kill almost all my blues…”

  • Falling Into Grace - Unsequenced/Unmastered tape
    Much-extended ending.

  • Aeroplane, My Friends, Transcending, Pea, Coffee Shop, Tearjerker, Shallow Be Thy Game, Melancholy Mechanics, Warped, Let's Make Evil - early rough mixes tape
    Instrumental (except for Pea) and unmixed

  • Unknown - Spanish market remixes

    This Q&A from Sylvia Massy, who recorded Love Rollercoaster, mentions some alternate mixes that were done after the album came out - seemingly for Spanish markets. They have not been released as of yet, and it's unclear how different they were to the album versions.

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Baseballs = Coffee Shop (given the title because of Flea's use of this pedal)
Epic = One Hot Minute
Evil = Let's Make Evil
Frog =
Shallow Be Thy Game
Gang Of Four =
One Big Mob
Music is my Aeroplane =
Psychedelic =
Deep Kick
River =
Stretching You Out =
Swirly =
The Pea Song =
Velvet =
Melancholy Mechanics
Melancholy Mechanics of My Mind =
Melancholy Mechanics


Early rough mixes tape
This tape, leaked in 2016, contains early, rough mixes of an assortment of One Hot Minute tracks. This is probably from early 1994: in August 1994, as the band played their first shows with Dave, Warped had lyrics. It doesn't here. It stands to reason this is probably from before the lyrics were written. But that's just a guess, and there's a chance this tape was merely dubbed before vocals were recorded. 

Unmastered/Unsequenced cassette
Sourced from an in-house WEA cassette made in mid 1995. This is a final draft of the album before it was sequenced and mastered. Contains many un-edited mixes, most notably on Falling Into Grace. One Hot Minute contains an extra verse. All songs come to their natural ending, with the exception of One Big Mob, which fades out rather harshly - before the Stretch part of the song can begin.