Dates: July, August or September 1988
Players: Flea, Blackbyrd McKnight, D.H. Peligro, Anthony Kiedis.
Recorded at: Unknown, possibly Flea's house
Produced by: Unknown
Engineered by: Unknown


After Hillel passed away, former Parliament/Funkadelic guitarist Dewayne "Blackbyrd" McKnight joined the band. His time in the Chili Peppers was short-lived; he only played around three or four shows (one was televised) before being dumped for John, but some studio work was done in the mean-time.

To date, the only released recording of McKnight on a Chili Peppers track is Blues for Meister, which was released in 1994 on the Out In L.A compilation. However, the bulk of this work was done in 1987, as an instrumental version of the track appears in demo form, before McKnight's time. It appears that he merely ran a guitar-part over the already existing recording; the liner notes for the album don't give away any clues, and this information only comes from a now deleted tweet from Flea; it was previously assumed that Hillel performed that guitar work.

The band also recorded at Flea's house during his time with the band, but it seems as if they were merely free-form jams, with no proper songs played. Blackbyrd's work on Blues for Meister may have been recorded at Flea's house.