Dates: early 1986
Players: Flea, Hillel Slovak, Cliff Martinez, Anthony Kiedis
Recorded at: Unknown
Produced by: Unknown
Engineered by: Unknown
Mixed by: Unknown


  • Set it Straight


This one-off track appeared in the 1986 film Tough Guys. In the film, the band lip sync to a studio recording, but as of yet the track itself has never been released, and the only version available to fans contains dialogue from the film over the song.

Cliff Martinez is seen with the band in the film, so this was recorded during his time with them; his last show was in March, he left the band in April, and the movie was released in October. The American Film Institute says that the film was recorded over a period of fifty-one days from February 1986. It makes sense that the song was recorded prior to filming starting, or at least in its very early stages.

Where it was recorded, who mixed it, who produced it (if anyone) and if anything else was recorded during the sessions is unknown.

You can download a rip of it here.