Dates: April 1986
Players: Flea, Hillel Slovak, Cliff Martinez, Anthony Kiedis
Recorded at: Master Control, 3401 W Burbank Blvd., Burbank CA.
Produced by: Keith Levene
Engineered by: Steve Catania, Dan Nebenzal
Released on: partly released on The Uplift Mofo Party Plan reissue in 2003


  • Me and My Friends / Me and My Friends "Verse Riff Jam"

  • Behind The Sun
    released on "The Uplift Mofo Party Plan" reissue in 2003

  • Backwoods

  • Party On Your Pussy

  • Unknown #1

  • Unknown #2

  • Unknown #3

  • Unknown #4


These sessions were produced by Keith Levene, of The Clash and P.I.L fame.

In his autobiography, Anthony states that this was in Spring of 1986, after the tour for Freaky Styley and before Cliff left the band, so these sessions probably took place in April. Famously, or perhaps infamously, the band put aside half of their recording budget for drugs. Flea mentions these sessions in his liner notes for The Uplift Mofo Party Plan as well, stating that Cliff was unhappy with the direction the band was heading. The sessions were fairly unsuccessful and Cliff left the band shortly afterwards, with Jack Irons returning on drums.

No vocals are present on any of the songs. What we believe is Keith’s voice is heard at the beginning of Me and My Friends, which is split up into two different versions here; it seems as if the song was possibly combined from different ideas into the final form it took the next year (in fact, you can hear Keith Levene ask the band what the track they had just played was; Flea responds with "that's it. That's all it is.") 

A version of Instrumental #4 was recorded with Michael Beinhorn in February of the next year.

Me and My Friends and Behind the Sun were released as bonus tracks on the Uplift Mofo Party Plan reissue.

If you have any further information about these recordings, please get in touch.


Note: Information regarding the engineers comes from Levene's Wikipedia page, and is unsourced beyond that.