Dates: Late 1984 or early 1985
Players: Flea, Jack Sherman, Cliff Martinez
Recorded at: EMI Studios at Liberty Records, 6920 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, CA.
Produced by: Unknown
Engineered by: Unknown
Released on: Unreleased


According to Jack Sherman, the band (minus Anthony) recorded some demos in late 1984 for a potential second album. It's unsure what tracks were put down, but seeing as Sherman has a writing credit on Jungle Man, American Ghost Dance, Freaky Styley, Blackeyed Blonde, Battleship, Lovin' and Touchin', Catholic School Girls Rule and Yertle the Turtle there's a good chance some or all of those songs were recorded.

This session most likely happened in late 1984, but the band had a heavy touring schedule at the end of the year, so the exact date is still unclear. Battleship was played live on November 15, 1984 and Blackeyed Blonde on December 16, 1984, while Sherman was still in the band. Sherman left the band in February 1985. The band was relatively free in January of 1985, so it may have been then. More information would be much appreciated.