Dates: May 1983
Players: Flea, Hillel Slovak, Jack Irons, Anthony Kiedis
Recorded at: Bijou Studios, 1518 N. Cahuenga, Hollywood, CA.
Produced by: Tim "Spit Stix" Leitch
Engineered by: Tim "Spit Stix" Leitch
Mixed by: Unknown


  • Out in LA

  • Green Heaven

  • Get Up and Jump

  • Police Helicopter

  • You Always Sing The Same
    released on "Out in LA" in 1994 and on "The Red Hot Chili Peppers" reissue in 2003

  • Nevermind

  • Sex Rap
    released on "Out in LA" in 1994 and on the "Freaky Styley" reissue in 2003

  • Stranded

  • Flea Fly
    released on "Out in LA" in 1994

  • Dum Chucka Willie
    unreleased, but has surfaced online. See below.


The band, only a few months old, recorded their first demo tape with Tim Leitch (Spit Stix) of Fear producing. This recording wound up getting the band a record deal with EMI, and many consider it to contain better far performances than what was recorded on their debut album a year later. Note: we’re not entirely sure when this session took place. It was most likely just before summer.

In his 2003 book Fornication, Jeff Apter states (perhaps with information gleamed from the 1994 Dave Thompson book True Men Don't Kill Coyotes) that a demo of Baby Appeal was recorded at these sessions.  This may not be the case; Anthony has stated in his book, Scar Tissue, that the song only came about once they started shopping their first demo around, and found that kids on the street seemed to respond more to the music than anyone else. This story is even repeated a few pages later in Fornication. However, a demo of Baby Appeal may have been recorded at sessions early the next year.